We are looking to set up a new centre to offer holidays and training for parents with Autistic Children

We need your help as a family that are affected by autism. Our mission is to build a specialist centre to provide holidays, respite and training. In order to get funding we need information/confirmation of what families need to make sure we can best provide for the widest range of families that are affected by autism. Please take the time to fill out this form as your feedback will provide the bedrock to shape and form this centre. The centre will be set up as a charity by myself and my partner. We are looking to set this centre up because our son is 8 and has very challenging behaviour, he is diagnosed with autism and ADHD and is physically very active. Having tried many typical family holidays we have often come back home far more tired and stressed than before the holiday due to the extra vigilence required to keep our son safe and happy in a non tailored environment. For this reason we think it would be helpful to have a specialist centre that can enable parents to relax and children to enjoy themselves all adding up to a brilliant family experience. The centre would provide respite carers and also training/discussion around the variety of different approaches in dealing with autism. The aim is to inform and empower parents whilst also giving them chance to recharge the batteries. When answering the below regarding price, assume that the centre will fulfil all that you require from a holiday experience. Please note that the first centre will  be UK based so wall to wall sunshine may prove tricky! Any donations to help with this ambitious project would be greatly recieved, if you can then please donate now by visiting our home page and clicking on the "donate" button http://familiesaffectedbyautism.co.uk The first 20 families to respond will get to test drive the centre with another 20 picked at random from the recieved questionnaires. Please note to enter for this you will need to email us when you submit the form with the date, time and your answer to the first 3 questions.

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